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Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra

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Clearlight Sauna® Features

True Wave Infrared Heaters

True Wave Infrared Heaters

High Quality Sauna Cabins

Sauna Cabins

  • Clearlight Sauna® models are made from Eco-Certified sustainable Western Red Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood and we use solid wood construction.
  • Our furniture-grade cabins are designed to provide maximum comfort during your sauna session.
  • Doctor designed 22″ deep reversible ergonomic/flat benches, ergonomic backrests, thicker walls, elegant details, exterior lighting and beautiful craftsmanship are just some of the Clearlight Sauna® model exclusives.
    Click here for more information about our sauna cabins.
Sauna Lifetime Warranty


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on ALL components backed by our + years manufacturing infrared saunas.
  • All Clearlight Infrared Sauna® models are designed by a doctor, not simply endorsed by a doctor!
    Click here to Find our more about our founder, Dr. Raleigh Duncan.
  • We take pride in our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for the last years.  Click here for more information about our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas

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Sanctuary 2

Sanctuary 3

Sanctuary Y

Sanctuary C


Premier IS-1

Premier IS-2

Premier IS-3

Premier IS-C

Premier IS-5

What is Infrared?

We have all experienced the following: It’s a partly cloudy day, you are outside and it feels cool. All of a sudden the clouds move out of the way of the sun and a rush of warmth comes over you. This warm feeling is the infrared band of sunlight warming your body.

The infrared band is part of the sun’s invisible spectrum of light. This band of light has the ability to penetrate our skin and warm our body directly.

The infrared heat produced by your Clearlight Sauna® model is totally safe as there are none of the harmful rays of sunlight produced by our heaters, just natural healing heat. In fact, this heat is so safe that is it used in hospitals to keep newborns warm. 


Not all infrared sauna heaters are the same. The size of the wavelength and the amount of infrared heat given off by the heater varies greatly from one heater type to another. Some infrared sauna heaters produce high quality infrared heat but do not emit a lot of infrared. Some heaters produce a lot of infrared heat, but the quality of the infrared heat is not very good.  See our heater comparison study to see why you will get the infrared sauna benefits you are looking for:  CLICK HERE.

Only our patented True Wave far infrared sauna heaters combine the high quality infrared heat of Carbon and the high infrared output of Ceramic to produce the most effective infrared heat, bar none. Our 500 watt full spectrum infrared heaters are over 25 times more powerful than the closest competitor emitting more near, mid and far infrared.    READ MORE

Eco Certified Wood

Your Jacuzzi® infrared sauna is handcrafted from either Eco Certified grade “A” clear Western Red Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood with individual panels hand selected and matched to a furniture-grade finish. The solid wood frame is built to last and is healthier for you than plywood frames, which emit toxic fumes when heated. READ MORE